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Mrs C: A Holiday Fantasy (2017). The Feminist Movement catches up with good ol' Saint Nick....

Imagine this: Santa is immortal, but his elves and Mrs. Claus are not. The elf population is self-sustaining; but periodically, a new Mrs. Claus must be recruited.

This time, a computer matchmaking service is used and it selects Margo, a contemporary, professional young woman. Unaware of her date’s real identity, Margo begins to fall for a charming older man she knows only as “Nick.”

The shockingly funny scenes that follow Nick’s revealing marriage proposal lead to perhaps the most bizarre courtship of all time—filled with thought-provoking, often humorous, encounters between a modern young woman, a charming but stuffy Saint Nick, and a coterie of elves who are much more than they seem.

The story unfolds in Saint Nick’s mystical realm at the top of the world, where mysterious and powerful elves hide ancient secrets … even from the man, himself. And Margo soon finds that she is being called upon to do much, much more than anyone had envisioned … with the fate of the entire world at stake.

Written in the same spirit as John Grisham’s short Christmas book, “Skipping Christmas,” which became the classic holiday movie, “Christmas with the Kranks,” Mrs. C delivers a fantasy romantic comedy wrapped inside a suspenseful, real-world crisis.

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Shoot the Moon (2016). Smart, beautiful, dangerous women. High-stakes Vegas gambling. Bizarre and deadly Washington conspiracy. Another thrilling Tony Shane adventure....

Tony Shane is back … with an adventure ripped right out of today’s headlines.

Black Victim protests, outlaw militias, super-hackers—and a diabolical political conspiracy stretching from high-stakes Vegas gambling dens to the power brokers of Washington—form the backdrop to a Tony Shane adventure like none other.

This time it is not Professor Shane’s CIA connection, but rather his involvement with Karen Sloan—an attractive new faculty member with dangerous high-stakes gambling habits—that plunges him into the middle of a chilling plot threatening to throw the country into a chaotic death spiral.

Calling on his old connections--tough CIA Deputy Director, Nathan Carothers; off-and-on lover, Sarah Stenstrom; and mob boss, Vito Mironi--Shane must fight off the gambling czars that want to control him, while secretly exposing the diabolical scheme of a mysterious madman intent on bringing the country to its knees.

But he is stunned to discover that nothing is as it seems, and the conspiracy is more terrifying than anyone could imagine.

Springing into action, Shane suddenly finds himself drawn into a deadly trap in the most unlikely setting, helplessly watching the horrific plot unfold across the country.

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Turned On! A Young Professor's 1960s Memoir (2014). Recollections of a rocky journey through a turbulent era by a neophyte professor young enough to run with students. Vietnam, The Beatles, women’s lib, civil rights, computers, astronauts and assassinations changed the world.

After publishing seven novels in the preceding decade, author Sam Perone produced a memoir chronicling the launch of his career as an academic scientist during the turbulent 1960s. A self-diagnosed “misfit” for a prestigious university position in 1962—and younger than many of his grad students—this naïve young man became entangled in a series of misadventures on an erratic journey toward the Holy Grail of all young professors, promotion and tenure.

Whether it’s about faculty politics for which he was ill-prepared; wild student parties that provided a welcome escape; or about being turned on by the 1960s’ minicomputer revolution that propelled him to unanticipated notoriety, Turned On! is filled with humor, angst, and suspense, interwoven with signature historical events that defined the times. Delivered in the same fast-paced, dialogue-driven style of his novels, the author provides an entertaining and nostalgic romp through a memorable era.

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Star of the Future (2010) is middle-grade children's fiction, with 174 pages, 35 chapters, and 37 black/white illustrations capturing action-packed adventures.

Eleven-year-old Star Bell's parents never expected the grief they would cause when they chose their unborn child’s genetic traits. After all, Star’s friend, Crystal, had been born pretty and precocious; and her friend, Logan, adventurous and technically skilled. Had their parents expected Crystal’s devious cunning or Logan’s cranky impatience?

Star’s genetic traits were very special and very secret. And when she and her friends uncovered a portal to a fantasy world of make-believe adventures, only Star was able to recognize the underlying dangers.

And now, somehow—without revealing what she is—she must convince her friends of the serious harm they might cause to themselves and the entire world! And the only way to do this is to embark on the most dangerous adventure of all…

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Youthanasia (2009)
Youths at an isolated prep school narrowly escape government mind control and uncover a deadly plot to shackle their entire generation.

Youthanasia peers into America’s future and sees the approaching crisis of a top-heavy ruling class adopting bizarre measures for self-preservation. It follows a group of youths from an isolated prep school who escape mind control and discover they are victims of a secret government cabal threatening their entire generation.

These youths enter a terrifying world where their memories can not be trusted. To break free, they join a dubious underground, become entangled in government intrigue, and endure the threat of horrific psychological weapons.

Youthanasia combines fast-paced adventure, futuristic technology, youthful self-discovery, and skirmishes with the underbelly of Washington politics. It is adult fiction that explores an impending generational conflict.

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Judgment Day(2006)
A murder mystery, wrapped in a political thriller set in a turbulent near future world.

Judgment Day portrays an alarming near future America reeling from global warming, terrorism, lost civil liberties, and a lingering Middle Eastern conflict on the brink of nuclear war ... the tragic legacy of misguided governmental decisions.

This is a fast-paced political thriller that engages readers on several levels--from international power politics to a bizarre murder with mystical overtones. Religious fanaticism drives powerful characters on both sides of the world.

When a young anti-war candidate, Glenn Markley, turns against a deceitful President, his wife is murdered, and he is the prime suspect. Driven to find the real killer, Markley uncovers a bizarre White House conspiracy far exceeding his worst fears. Incredibly, a Machiavellian ploy calls for detonating bogus "Iranian" nuclear warheads in American cities, provoking a preemptive nuclear strike at Iran. Markley joins with a rogue Secret Service agent in a frantic race to prevent this senseless slaughter and the global conflagration it would ignite.

Judgment Day plays out in colorful locations around San Francisco and the California North Coast, with a backdrop set in the next decade--a world suffering the tragic consequences of governmental blunders.

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Murder Almighty (2005)
After a vibrant young pope dies unexpectedly, conspiracy and murder rock the conclave of cardinals that elects a successor.

A vibrant pope dies unexpectedly, and centuries-old sacred rituals unfold in Rome to replace the Supreme Pontiff. Cardinals in their crimson robes converge on the Vatican from around the world.

But this papal election will be like none before.

As high-ranking cardinals clash in Rome, a deadly conspiracy unfolds inside and outside the election Conclave.

When a group of American reporters in Rome finds evidence of a plot to fix the papal election, they become targets for ruthless assassins.

But who is the chosen Heir to St. Peter? Is he complicit in this conspiracy? And who are the powerful lay advocates responsible? What is their motivation?

The reporters soon discover that high-ranking clergy have their own dangerous secrets. And supernatural forces appear to be at work.

Filled with bold religious personalities, Murder Almighty delivers thought-provoking confrontations, colorful Italian settings, and a perilous journey filled with behind-the-scenes insight to an age-old secret process.

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Einstein's Tunnel (2004)
SciFi Thriller. Alternate history tale of expatriate American terrorists fighting Nazi occupation.

This sequel to Crisis on Flight 101 explores an alternative time line with the world turned upside-down after World War II. As a bleak 21st century dawns, Tony Shane's alter ego is an expatriate rebel striving vainly to liberate his country from brutal fascist rulers. With a nuclear showdown looming, the rebels uncover a desperate telepathic time travel strategy conceived by Albert Einstein in 1939.

To unravel Einstein's cryptic legacy, Shane undertakes a perilous odyssey across Nazi North America in an eleventh hour attempt to restructure the broken past and avert a gruesome future.

Providing provocative insight to a strange new world - with familiar characters in alternate time lines and surprisingly ironic political scenarios, this conclusion to the first Tony Shane trilogy should entice history buffs and science fiction mystery fans as well.

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Crisis on Flight 101 (2003)
SciFi Thriller. Terrorists pursue telepathic time travel plot to re-write the outcome of World War II.

This sequel to The StarSight Project provides a gripping, thought-provoking encounter with science and politics gone mad. When mind control research for the CIA produces an unexpected telepathic twist in time, Tony Shane is propelled aboard a 1939 overnight "flying boat" to England, and finds himself battling a mysterious enemy threatening the outcome of World War II. Fateful events during the 1939 flight are paralleled by political brokering in modern times ... climaxing with a shocking, fateful confrontation between a stubborn American president and the charismatic terrorist mastermind of this cataclysmic plot.

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The StarSight Project (2002)
Techno-thriller. Science professor’s advanced pattern recognition technology recruited by CIA to uncover horrific terrorist plot.

Suspenseful futuristic thriller, where university professor Tony Shane's CIA research project draws him unexpectedly into the path of a bizarre terrorist plot threatening to rain death and destruction over the eastern United States. Shane and his lovely research associate, Sarah Stenstrom, struggle with malicious faculty members at home, and cunningly lethal terrorist agents - from San Francisco to the Italian Riviera - who would sabotage development of an artificial intelligence program that might accurately pinpoint future terrorist attacks.

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